Chartered Professional Accountant in Mississauga James WalkerOne of the most important aspects of your business is the accounting portion. James Walker understands all financial aspects of your business. Specializing in early stage start up businesses both big and small as well as more established companies, owner managed corporations, sole proprietors such as real estate agents and all sorts of entrepreneurs, Jim has over 30 years industry experience and extensive hands on experience to give you the advice you will need to succeed.

Focusing on all aspects of accounting and financial management, he has had direct experience with manufacturing, retail, restaurant, real estate, and construction industries as well as extensive experience with businesses facing financial difficulties.

As your accountant, James will help you with any or all of the following:

This list is an example of some of the services offered by Chartered Professional Accountant James Walker. He is also available as a business consultant and is available to discuss a wide variety of business practices. His extensive business knowledge as well as his entrepreneurial spirit has helped a wide variety of people take their businesses to the next level.

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