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Licensed Public Accountant James Walker Retail Owner AccountingIf you own a retail store, chances are you are selling something that you are an expert in. Clothing, shoes, furniture, games, toys, bird feeders – whatever it is, you have a product you are selling. As the owner, you are concerned with the products you carry, suppliers & vendors, marketing, showroom display, maybe employees. The last thing on your mind is the accounting side of things and how proper accounting procedures can effect your business. Since there is always many transactions going through the register on any given day, having proper accounting practices in place becomes more and more crucial.

James Walker is an experienced Chartered Professional Accountant that focuses on retail business owners, either a sole proprietor or corporation. He has worked with many retail companies including a furniture store, clothing & shoe stores, gift ware shop, game room store, jewelry store, plus many others. He will be able to advise you on how best to structure your business.

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