Starting A Business

Chartered Professional Accountant James WalkerThere are many reasons someone may choose to start their own business. You may have a skill which you think could marketed better than what’s out there; personal trainer specializing in prenatal exercises, chef with a new spin on a restaurant concept, freelancer, translator, hair dresser – whatever it is could be the next big thing in your industry.


There are a few things you should be thinking about as you begin your journey to owing a business.

Develop A Business Plan: James Walker will help you develop a strong business plan to help you map out concept to reality. Each step will be explained and he will guide from making your concept a reality.

Sources of Financing: Do you require money to start your business? Will you need to purchase inventory, computer equipment, first & last on your location? Do you have this money in personal savings or are you planning to get investors? Do you have funds saved up to pay your bills at home before any revenue comes in? Jim will discuss with you some options on different financing available.

Ownership Structures: Will you be a sole proprietor? Do you have a partner? Will you incorporate right away? Jim will help you decide which ownership structure will give you the best results for your business.

Set Up Your Books: If you have proper accounting procedures in place from the beginning, you will quickly be able to see any problems coming. When tax time comes you will already have the systems in place to make your life easier. Jim will advise you on the correct way to keep your books so you can get to doing what you do best.

James Walker will guide you on best practices for business and how best to structure your new company to maximize results. He offers a wide range of accounting and consulting services to help you succeed

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