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A proprietorship is the simplest buisiness form. It is easy to setup and organize. Needs only small amount of capital, and you can start immediately.


A partnership is an agreement between two or more people who want to carry on business together. You must register your partnership business name through Ontario Ministry of Government Services under the business name act and get your master business license.

Corporate Services

The decision to incorporate your business is a big step. Incorporation means you have created another legal person that is separate from the shareholders. Unlike a person, a corporation can have infinite life by changing the shareholders.

Real Estate Agents

IT IS HARD TO BE DIFFERENT. This is where I can help. Being different starts with a Business Plan. A solid foundation to build on. Your plan must include a system of obtaining the best use of your time, defining your chosen specialty area and defining your Magnetic Marketing Message.

Independent Contract Workers

Being a contract workers means you are self employed. Many contract workers are proprietorships. Others are corporate. The biggest concern about being an independent contract worker is actually remaining “Independent”. Otherwise Canada Revenue agency could deem you an employee.

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