Proprietor Accounting Services

Sole Proprietorship Accounting ServicesOwning a business is incredibly exciting. Whether you are a chef opening a restaurant, a real estate agent selling houses, a personal trainer opening a gym or maybe a commissioned sales person, most likely you are an expert in your field. The last thing you think of is the financial well being of your business. You want to concentrate on the growth and potential of your business.

That’s where James Walker comes in. His vast knowledge and experience in all areas of Sole Proprietor Business will allow him to develop a plan to help you achieve all of your business goals. He has experience in a wide range of industries and as a financial adviser he will be able to discuss a wide variety of solutions to every day problems that arise:

  • Submitting an HST return
  • Tracking your expenses to reduce your year end taxes
  • Keeping accurate accounting records
  • Payroll
  • When, why or why not to incorporate
  • Comparison to industry standards
  • Buying or renting equipment
  • Finding a suitable location
  • How much to spend on advertising

These are just a few of the benefits of the advice that James Walker can offer. You are an expert in your field. Let an expert in money management take care of your financial well being.