How do you calculate your fees?

Chartered Professional Accountant James Walker Calculate FeesAccounting fees can vary greatly, depending on what service you require and how your supporting information is organized. If you are self-employed and a sole proprietor, you will require a different tax return than a business owner who has an incorporated company. If you need advice on financial planning for your business or need an accountant to analyze information provided by a bookkeeper, fees will depend on how long it will take to provide you the information. Depending on whether you require payroll, bookkeeping, HST return preparation or a combination of everything will change the price accordingly.

You will always find a lower price somewhere, especially headed into tax season. You want someone with  professional qualifications as well as experience and knowledge. Think of it this way – when you leased the space for your business location, you wouldn’t necessarily accept the cheapest place you could find. The same will hold true for an accountant – going with the least expensive one you can find may cost you the most in the long run.

Here is one way you may think about fees.. There are 3 elements to any transaction – FAST, CHEAP and GOOD. You must choose the 2 elements you require most. The result of your choices are summarized below:

  1.  If you choose FAST and CHEAP, it likely won’t be GOOD.
  2.  If you choose FAST and GOOD, it likely won’t be CHEAP.
  3.  If you choose GOOD and  CHEAP, it likely won’t be FAST.

The choice is yours.

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