Chartered Professional Accountant James WalkerBeing in business is exciting, especially when it’s a new business. When you are starting out you are thinking of how to grow your business – which supplier offers the best prices, the best location to showcase your product or service, how to handle the logistics of shipping and the best place to advertise. The last thing on your mind is following proper accounting procedures. That’s where hiring the right accountant can be a crucial business decision.

James Walker, Chartered Professional Accountant will take care of your financial well being. He works to ensure that your primary focus is running and growing your business while he works to take care of your financial service requirements. As a business owner it is important to have the right information at your fingertips in order to make informed financial decisions. Accounting is more than just numbers – it’s the financial blueprint of your business.

No matter what type of business you have, it will require some form of accounting. With the appropriate accounting systems in place, you will be able to focus on growing your business. James Walker, Chartered Accountant offers a wide range of business accounting services in order to ensure your business success.

If for no other reason than to ensure that your taxes are filed correctly, consulting with an accountant will ensure that you keep up with current tax laws and ensure you getting the most of your tax liabilities. James Walker, Chartered Accountant will prepare your financial statements in order to give you the business owner a view of the big picture. By offering customized financial services, he will help you realize your business goals.