Insolvency & Restructuring

Insolvency & RestructuringThere may come a time when you are faced with the prospect of not having enough money to pay your bills – either as a business owner or personally. No one wants to think that their business may not be able to survive financially. You don’t set out in business or life to fail. Most people genuinely want to pay the money they owe to a supplier or creditor. Occasionally it happens that your business isn’t bringing in enough revenue to support itself. If you have personally guaranteed your debts it may be effecting you personally.

As a Licensed Trustee in Bankruptcy as well as a Chartered Insolvency & Restructuring Professional and a member of the Canadian & Ontario Associations of Insolvency & Restructuring Professionals James Walker is well qualified to work through your business or personal financial difficulties. He will work with you to decide your best course of action.

There are several alternatives available, depending on the extent of your financial difficulty and your current income. Jim offers a variety of solutions including financial counseling, informal proposal, consumer proposal, and bankruptcy. If you feel that one of these options may be right for you, please call and make an appointment.