Personal Accounting Services

Chartered Professional Accountant in Mississauga James WalkerManaging your finances is just as important as maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is incredibly important to keep your personal finances under control. Things like planning for retirement, saving for your first home purchase, having an emergency or rainy day fund as well as paying off your debts are all money management services that Chartered Professional Accountant James Walker can help you with.

James Walker will help you improve your financial situation. He will discuss with you the importance of setting up an RRSP fund and help you see where your cash flow will allow you to contribute. First time home buyers will also benefit from his expertise in making sure you have thought of all the costs involved and how to make sure you have a worthy down payment. Personal money management planning also involves solutions to paying down your debt and making smart decisions about borrowing for things like car or home repairs. Jim Walker will help you develop a personal budget and show you how your spending habits are adding up. He will discuss where expenses could be managed better and show you where there is room for improvement.

In addition to Personal Money Management and Planning, James Walker also offers the following services including CRA Audit Assistance, Accounting for your Investments, and Estate Planning

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