James Walker Chartered Professional Accountant - TaxationEventually everyone has to pay taxes. When you own a business it becomes even more important to ensure your taxes are filed on time and that you have used all available deductions.This can become confusing depending on your business situation, especially if you are new to being self-employed.

What is deductible? What can I claim as a business expense? How much can I claim to reduce my taxes? James Walker is experienced in personal, proprietorship & corporate taxes and will review your records to ensure that you are claiming the proper deductions and recommend strategies to help reduce your annual taxes. He will also help you determine your HST remittance (if applicable) and how often you are required to pay.

If you have multiple income streams, business income or losses, you need a qualified accountant who can guide you in dealing with your taxes for your business as well as personally. Jim Walker has substantial experience dealing with tax problems, CRA audits, filing business taxes as well as corporate taxes, personal income tax, and prior years returns that are un-filed.

James Walker also prepares personal income tax returns for remittance to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Depending on the complexity of the return, prices may vary.

Personal Income Tax Service in Mississauga