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Making sales is the revenue-generating activity of a business. There is no revenue until a sale.

A lot of business training focuses on sales. Many people talk about sales and marketing together as one. Most of the actual time required to get new business and to make a sale is marketing. Today marketing for many businesses is online.

Marketing is the process of making your targeted customers aware of your product or service. It provides value to your audience in the form of information. It builds your brand credibility. The sales come later.

Many business owners do not understand traditional marketing and word-of- mouth only takes you so far. The competition is trying to reach the same customer you have or want. If customers can’t find your solution they won’t know you can solve their problem.

In today’s world, having a website is not enough. Social Media is now the major aspect of any marketing program. Whether it’s through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogging, email or online sales and advertising. Everything Matters, and everything connects.

How have you been doing with marketing so far?

When money is tight businesses cut back on marketing. This one decision cuts back on sales and can lead to failure.

Every business needs a Business Plan and every Business Plan needs to deal with MARKETING.

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